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ارتباط مستقیم با رییس دانشگاه
کلیه اطلاعیه های مورد نیاز دوم سال تحصیلی ۹۴-۱۳۹۳
جمعه، ۲۵ شهریور ۱۳۹۰
حضور و ارائه مقاله موسسه آموزش عالی جاوید در کنگره EISOLS Mexico۲۰۱۰
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تعداد بازديد: 1660

نام کنگره:

Nonlinear analysis of land subsidence due to groundwater level oscillation by a finite difference method - EISOLS

زمینه کنگره:


زمان برگزاری کنگره:

 October ۲۰۱۰

محل برگزاری کنگره:



۱Civil Engineering Department, Javid-e Jiroft Institute of Technology, Azadi Ave, Jiroft, Iran

۲Civil Engineering Department, University of Kerman, Kerman, Iran

نماینده موسسه آموزش عالی جاوید در کنگره:
دکتر حسام یزدانی
خلاصه مقاله: 
Abstract Groundwater level oscillation leads to successive variation of effective stresses through a clay layer resulting in consecutive settlement. Different elements of the layer may be normally consolidated (NC)
or over consolidated (OC) under such a cyclic loading depending on parameters such as the loading intensity, layer thickness and distance from drainages, nonlinearity of the soil and pre-consolidation pressure. A new equation is derived to consider cyclic loading and also the inevitable compressibility and permeability changes of soil. In this paper, two nonlinear partial differential equations are derived to analyse the clay consolidation using void ratio–effective stress and void ratio–permeability diagrams. By the finite difference method, the PDEs are utilized to analyse the land subsidence problem. It is shown that the ratios between slopes of the diagrams in the NC and OC conditions play a major role in the consolidation process. The effect of each of these parameters is shown.
Key words: nonlinear consolidation; land subsidence; cyclic loading; finite difference method; 
variable permeability; variable compressibility

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